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Dargaville Medical Centre is a Cornerstone Accredited General Practice comprising of experienced doctors, knowledgeable nurses, and friendly administrative staff. The dedicated staff there have over 12,000 registered patients.

The Incredibly Detailed Challenge

The practice manager, Judy, writes highly detailed rosters to maximise the efficacy and satisfaction of the staff available to her. Her roster writing challenge for just coverage includes scheduling shift-specific roles and ensuring adequate service coverage within the availability of the nursing team. Integrated into this challenge are the staggered shift times and rotation of specific duties to aid in cross-training the team there in all aspects of providing top-tier healthcare to the local community.

All this has to be done every four weeks with this level of detail, it's surprising that roster writing takes her only a couple of days a month. Those hours were spent in Excel, a process that Judy described as “an absolute nightmare”.

With Rosterlab

When Rosterlab engaged with Dargaville Medical Centre, we saw firsthand the manual Excel process that Judy goes through. Rosterlab created an initial template to use as a starting point. This made it a lot easier for both parties to communicate on common ground, and within a few Zoom sessions, the sample rosters made by Rosterlab were looking quite close to the requirement. From then, all that was needed was a bit of training on how to make specific adjustments to the roster parameters within the Rosterlab app.

Nowadays, the Rosterlab AI generates a roster for Dargaville Health Clinic in under a minute. Each new roster is created specifically to suit the current situation, taking into account changes in leave and other requests. The practice manager checks over this roster with access to a bevy of dynamic statistics and makes some human adjustments within the Rosterlab app. All in all, the entire process is now around three hours a month.


Rosterlab is dedicated to bringing time savings, union compliance, fairer rosters and more empowered staff to healthcare organisations like Dargaville Medical Centre. You are the healthcare professionals; let us be the rostering professionals for you.