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Generate your roster in minutes

  • Tailor-made for specific ICU and ED scheduling challenges
  • Reduce your time spent rostering by 90%
  • Make safer and better rosters for your team
  • Move away from spreadsheets and into the cloud

Give the complex challenge of making safe and effective rosters to us instead.

Rostering is its own sub-specialty
Rostering is a challenging skill learned through countless hard hours. You can pass that work onto the Rosterlab A.I. instead.

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Automate YOUR Rostering

With Rosterlab, you can set the AI to generate schedules for your staff the same way you would. Set up to have a deep understanding of all the requirements that need to be met, the skill sets and training level of each staff member and the soft and hard constraints that apply to how shifts can be assigned.

The Rosterlab team will take you through the onboarding process to capture all the nuances in creating optimised schedules for your staff.

Automate YOUR Rostering

Make Rosters in Minutes, not Days

The time it takes the Rosterlab AI to generate a schedule for your staff is measured in minutes, not hours or days. With our dynamic statistics, you can quickly check over the AI-generated schedules. It will highlight when there are gaps in coverage and you can easily verify that the rosters are fair and equitable for all staff members.

Make Rosters in Minutes, not Days

Fairer and Safer for Your Staff

Build your fairness requirements into the schedule you want to see, whether those requirements are equally distributing night shifts and weekends or preventing a person from having too many shifts in a row. With the power of soft and hard rules, you can define acceptable ranges and hard limits for how shifts can be assigned. Thus ensuring better and safer rosters for all your staff members.

Fairer and Safer for your Staff

Always Accessible: Cloud-Enabled Smart Features

Good rostering requires good information management. Rosterlab’s cloud-based platform keeps all your roster information available to your department wherever you have internet access.

Staff leave requests and preferences are collated via the Rosterlab iOS/Android app, ready for the AI to interpret.

When you publish your roster, it is automatically pushed to everyone who needs to see it in the best format for them:

  • Shift-based rosters for switchboard and managers.

  • Individually personalised rosters for each person are integrated into their personal calendars.

Always Accessible: Cloud-Enabled Smart Features