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The RosterLab solution is perfect for self-scheduling, where you can allow your staff to roster themselves while ensuring that all complex rules and requirements are met.

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Easily Meet Your Staffing Needs

It can be challenging for self-rostering to accommodate the complex staffing requirements necessary for shift coverage, especially when considering complications arising from diverse skill sets. There may be instances where individuals' shifts will need to be adjusted to meet organizational needs. Start by detailing all your staffing requirements: categorize them by shift, skill, task, time, and priority level. Then, let the RosterLab AI take over, creating a roster that optimizes both coverage and adherence to each person's preferred schedule.

Easily meet your staffing needs

Simplify The Collection of Everyone's Preferred Schedule

With RosterLab, each and every staff member can enter their preferred roster. Easily accessed via your choice of web browser, iOS or Android app, the intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to submit your preferred roster and indicate which requests take priority. Staff submissions are consistently understandable, digitally stored on the cloud and synchronised automatically with the RosterLab AI for when it comes time to make the rosters.

Simplify The Collection of Everyone's Preferred Schedule

Ensure High-quality and Compliant Rosters for Everyone

There are many different constraints that can apply when writing a roster, including contractual minimum hours of work, rules from collective bargaining agreements, and individual staff availabilities, just to name a few. With Rosterlab AI, you can easily create and parameterize rules for each person, ensuring fair shift assignments. Using Rosterlab AI for your scheduling, you'll never have to worry about failing to meet a contractual obligation again. You can be confident that the AI will flexibly adhere to evolving rostering guidelines as appropriate.

Ensure High-quality and Compliant Rosters for Everyone

Self-Roster The Way You Want To

Feel free to plan out your ideal next roster. Specify exactly what you would like to do, including the shifts you prefer and the days off you need. Also, make note of which weekends you are willing to give up. If you prefer, you can simply indicate the key shifts you want and the essential days off you need. Wherever you are on the self-rostering spectrum, trust that the Rosterlab AI will take care of you, providing a fair, equitable, and preference-maximizing roster.

Self-Roster the Way You Want To

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