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We keep track of preferences, contractual obligations, fairness, skill mix, staffing requirements and more, so you don't have to.

We can even make your rosters for you from scratch.

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Having to considering everyone’s requests and contracts while making sure there is correct staff coverage and skill mix is extremely difficult.
Rosterlab makes it easier than ever before.

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What we offer

We provide easy to implement rostering software to healthcare organisations who have an ongoing rostering burden and are concerned about impacts on staff and patient wellbeing.

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Track all of your rules, skill mix and staffing requirements

With one glance, you can see how good your roster is. We keep track of all your rostering complexities for you.

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Your roster at the click of a button

Don't start every roster with a blank slate. Our AI will make you a new, bespoke roster from scratch in minutes, not days.

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Roster Optimisation

Our AI thinks up of patterns that you would never think of to make sure you have the right staff working at the right time, and that they're satisfied with their rosters.

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Roster simulation

Do we have enough senior nurses in this roster? What if this person went on annual leave? We can answer all these questions instantly with our AI roster maker.

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Tracking nurse preferences and leave

Employees can enter their own preferences, leave and day off requests, and our AI will fairly divide up the shifts. We can accomodate red requests and priority requests.

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