Build high-quality rosters in minutes

RosterLab is a roster creating software using the world's leading A.I. technology, specialised in generating automatic roster solutions for the New Zealand healthcare industry. It is more than 10 times faster than any current solutions you can find. Although rosters don't save lives, it lets those who can get back to work.

Learn what ROSTERLAB can do

Simplify rosters building and generate the perfect rosters automatically

Explore our hand-crafted features, designed for New Zealand healthcare organisations. Introducing our A.I. Romeo and learn how Romeo can help your team and make your life easier!

Automatic Generate

Romeo finds you the most optimal solution in seconds.

Payroll Integration

Romeo saves your manual entry time and makes it sync with your payroll system just right.

Demand Planning

Romeo balances healthcare worker to patient ratios and allows you to achieve maximum efficiency

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Efficiency Booster

Romeo adapts fast to last-minute call outs and improves efficiency through its flexibility



RosterLab's new A.I. Romeo (ROstering Machine and Efficiency Optimiser), who is an expert at automatically creating rosters. Romeo is built on 3 years of deep IP, using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Romeo provides a solution that is 10 times faster than any other current solutions. With one generate button, Romeo will consider all your customised rules for all employees.

Romeo holds an international record of the fastest solution in healthcare rostering. Contact us to open a new era of efficiency!

World Champions In Automatic Rostering

Romeo is already proven having found the best solutions to the International Nurse Rostering Competition problems.

Winner of the startup competition

We have won the first place in the velocity 100K startup competition

Focusing on healthcare

RosterLab is tailored for providing the fastest rostering solution for New Zealand healthcare industry.

Highly trained professionals are stuck doing admin when they could be saving lives. Our A.I. solution will solve your headache and valuable time by simply clicking a button.

Our purpose

We are aiming to solve the real life problem by using A.I. technology in the healthcare industry. We will help your business maintain ideal coverage and adapt quickly to last-minute changes.

Having a headache making rosters for healthcare workers?

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