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The world’s best fully autonomous A.I. rostering system

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RosterLab is tailored to provide the world’s best fully autonomous rostering solution for the healthcare and aged care industries.

Highly trained professionals are stuck spending time rostering when they could be saving lives. Our A.I. solution automatically creates efficient and compliant rosters with an emphasis on staff satisfaction at the click of a button.

About Us

What we offer

We provide easy to implement rostering software to healthcare organisations who have an ongoing rostering burden and are concerned about impacts on staff and patient wellbeing.

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World's most advanced algorithm

Our AI is the only algorithm to solve every rostering scenario in the International Nurse Rostering Competition.

(Yes, that's a thing).

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User friendly web app

We tailored our web app to the precise needs of nurses and doctors for ease of use and meeting the nuances of each and every healthcare roster.

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As fast as a coffee break

Instead of spending days making rosters in Excel, let the RosterLab AI do all the hard work in the time of a coffee break.

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We make better, more efficient rosters with an emphasis on fairness and staff satisfaction and we like to show it with detailed data analysis and graphs.

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Comprehensive support

We are dedicated to ensuring users get the greatest benefit out of our app with our dedicated support and constant development towards new features.

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