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The Rostering Problem

Rostering is like a 90x90 Sudoku except each of the numbers has their own personality. It's time-consuming with so many complexities, trade-offs and often unpredictable staffing requirements to consider on daily basis.
RosterLab understands how complex and unique rostering can be. We've built a solution that thrives on simplifying this complexity for you, the rosterer.


Our Features

We provide an award winning A.I. rostering service. It’s like having a full-time expert rostering assistant in every ward on day one.

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Track all of your rules, skill mix and staffing requirements

With one glance, you can see how good your roster is. We keep track of all your rostering complexities for you.

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Your roster at the click of a button

Don't start every roster with a blank slate. Our AI will make you a new, bespoke roster from scratch in minutes, not days.

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Roster Optimisation

Our AI thinks up of patterns that you would never think of to make sure you have the right staff working at the right time, and that they're satisfied with their rosters.

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Roster simulation

Do we have enough senior nurses in this roster? What if this person went on annual leave? We can answer all these questions instantly with our AI roster maker.

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Tracking nurse preferences and leave

Employees can enter their own preferences, leave and day off requests, and our AI will fairly divide up the shifts. We can accomodate red requests and priority requests.


AI Benefits

Make completely new, besoke and uniquely fit for purpose rosters every time. The AI will take into account everything you consider when making a roster; creating more efficient rosters that lead to happier staff, and massive time savings.

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90% Reduced Admin Time

No more hours of manual rostering. Staff can directly put their preferences into the app. The A.I. will make you a new bespoke roster in minutes.

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Effectively More Staffing

Our solution smoothes the staffing level during the roster period. With AI rostering, more shifts will be assigned where they are needed.

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Guaranteed Compliance

Any Union or Contractual obligation that matters to you matters to the AI. Never worry about violations again. The Rosterlab system will never break any agreement, including MECAs (e.g. NZNO, SHO and others).

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Happier Staff

Each individual's preferences and availabilities are directly entered through our app. These preferences are fully balanced against staffing numbers and fairness principles, so you'll have happier employees and better staff retention

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