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Designed for rostering doctors, nurses and aged care staff.
We provide an award winning A.I. rostering service. It's like having a full-time expert rosterer in every ward.

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Rostering is like doing a 90x90 Sudoku, except all numbers have their own feelings and personalities. No wonder its so complex and time-consuming. With RosterLab's AI, we drastically reduce staff scheduling time from days to minutes. We consider all the complex staffing requirements and individual preferences with one click of button.


We keep track of all your rostering requirements: such as skill mix, rules violations, business requirements, to ideal staffing coverage. We make it easier for you to align the schedule to what your unit needs, while maximising requests met. We make it easy for you to understand how good your rosters are at a glance. That way, the rostering process is empowered with real-time feedback on the quality and quantity of staffing level you are scheduled to have.

Rosterlab app
Rosterlab app

comply with rules and requirements

You know what the important rules are for your roster. The rules that must be followed and the rules that are guidelines you try to meet.

Easily describe those rules with words through our natural language rule builder and the RosterLab AI will guarantee compliance with your unbreakable rules and minimise violations of the best practice rules.

SELF-SCHEDULING & employee engagement

Employees have their own ability to put in their leave information and preferences, saving time and effort for schedule writers. RosterLab's AI will create schedules that incorporate more complete and accurate information leading to happier staff. Full approval processes are in place so that schedulers can maintain control over the rosters.

more control over your rosters, less changes

With our preference-based rostering method, employees will be getting more of what they want. The A.I. will find rosters that meets all the critical business requirements while fairly maximising individual preferences and requests. You will see greater staff happiness and less post publish changes such as shift swaps.

Rosterlab app

AI Benefits

Make completely new, besoke and uniquely fit for purpose rosters every time. The AI will take into account everything you consider when making a roster; creating more efficient rosters that lead to happier staff, and massive time savings.

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90% Reduced Admin Time

No more hours of manual rostering. Staff can directly put their preferences into the app. The A.I. will make you a new bespoke roster in minutes.

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Effectively More Staffing

Our solution smoothes the staffing level during the roster period. With AI rostering, more shifts will be assigned where they are needed.

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Guaranteed Compliance

Any Union or Contractual obligation that matters to you matters to the AI. Never worry about violations again. The Rosterlab system will never break any agreement, including MECAs (e.g. NZNO, SHO and others).

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Happier Staff

Each individual's preferences and availabilities are directly entered through our app. These preferences are fully balanced against staffing numbers and fairness principles, so you'll have happier employees and better staff retention


Your Journey With RosterLab

Our rule-based algorithm generates you the most optimal solution within minutes. It takes into account all your employee requests & preferences, union requirements, skill mix, roster history, staff coverage and so much more. Reduce your rostering time from days to minutes!

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Natrual-language rules engine and comprehensive staffing coverage

With RosterLab’s A.I., you can set complex and precise rules and staffing coverage. Our algorithm will make the most optimal, safe, fair, and flexible schedule, balancing skill mix, staff preferences and many other factors.

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Roster Simulation

Do we have enough senior nurses in this roster? What if this person went on annual leave? Run hypothetical rosters to see the quickly see the feasibility of changes.

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Collect all employee requests & preferences

Employees have their own app to request leave and preferences. All requests will come back to an admin for approval. Afterwards, leave everything to our automatic scheduler.

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Generate roster with a click of a button

Generate optimised rosters in minutes. With the particulars of your next roster ready to go let yourself enjoy a nice break while the RosterLab createss the next schedule for all your staff.

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Review changes, maintain full control

Maintain full control of each roster. Make as many changes as you like to the AI created rosters and see in real time the effects of these changes in our interactive roster maker.

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Publish and send off to all

With the click of a button send rosters to all your staff. See the full statistics on the rosters you're sending.

Integrations with your payroll systems

No matter what your payroll systems are, we will make a seemless integration for you.

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